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Dear members and visitors of this website kindly state the reason you are visiting our website in a section called "The reason" "Or Click here" And tell us what are you here to learn or know about or what kind of help do you need- learn magic/become a vampire/ learn astral travel/ or just for knowledge or any other reason to make it clear for us on what kind of help do you need so we can help you.
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 Global announcement:

Questions and Requests

Dear Members,

Due to the short amount of time I can spend recently on this website and me not being able to respond to all members requests through emails and messages except for those that I gave promises to back in the days when we started this forum, please ask all your questions and requests right over here in this section on the comments bellow and I'll take my time to respond to every and each one of you.

You can post your requests, ask any question related to any section in this website or any inquiry about any of the information or the rituals posted. Or you can ask...
by Admin - Comments: 25 - Views: 4228

Today I will finish a complete guide covering every possible way and everything you need to know on how to become a vampire and all that you need to learn. So please stay tuned.
It is a complete guide to everyone out there and first time to be ever put or shared on the Internet and and a complete Q&A will be added to the guide.

Blessed be,
Jake Carlson
by Admin - Comments: 51 - Views: 2174

I read in the the vampires in brief post that any(or most) vampires get abilities such as telepathy,telekinesis,etc.
Is there a way to increase the chance of having this abilities when you're a vampire (before or after you become a vampire)?
Thank you!
by Torilei Denali - Comments: 3 - Views: 1824

There are many rituals and/or methods for transforming into a vampire, among them the Nosferatu Pact, the "easy but most dangerous" paper, and Lilith invocation. So, do these rituals bring the exact same results ? Or does each one offer a unique type of vampirism; or its own set of abilities, weaknesses and needs ?
by AzazelStrix - Comments: 2 - Views: 160

I'm planning on becoming a vampire at some point, but the one obstacle that caught my mind was, obviously, the amount of blood.
Having read the section of sources of blood, I determined that the most concievable options are either foraging or husbandry. I cannot afford to buy a barn and raise cattle, sheep, pigs, etc.; so the best option might be small animals such as chickens and rabbits, since those are raised commonly where I live, anyway.
Said section of the forum mentioned that a big animal might allow a vampyr to sait their cravings for around 2 weeks, and that small animals may...
by AzazelStrix - Comments: 2 - Views: 279

Hello I have a question , Do vampyres or any other supernatural entity or being find peace after they pass ? Are the doomed to roam the earth for the rest of eternity ?
Thanks !!
by Rcolovski - Comments: 11 - Views: 1451

Hey everyone...i am new to this website. And i wanted to share my dream and also want to ask question.
A month ago, i did a spell to become a vampire i found that spell on [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] after that i started noticing the effects in me and after 15-20 days later i had a dream that it was night and i was in a house...it was somewhere in a colony , first only i was there then i entered a room and i saw a man...
by vampirechild - Comments: 3 - Views: 939

Does anyone knows any other immortal beings that a human can turns to besides vamps and werewloves?
by 6Earz - Comments: 0 - Views: 287

Hello everyone I wanted to know if the contest is still on and the winners get rewarded by being changed into a vampire?
by DarrenSanguine - Comments: 0 - Views: 961

Hello everyone I am new to this site.I was hoping to find an easy way to become a vampire.I have tried many ways to be one and no success.But I still havent given up.I know the ultimate,fast and easy way to become one is by another vampire.Through real infection.By blood.Is any real vampire on this site that is willing to help me,to turn me by sending a little of his blood to me?I know it must be blood exchange and that I have to mix it with my own and drink it but I dont have vampire blood.All I need is a little of your blood.Thats it.I know how serious this is and I fully accept the consequences...
by Adrien - Comments: 2 - Views: 715

Hello , I have completed the most effective yet most dangerous ritual as of today it is finished. I do not believe anything major happened. I have had some slight stomach aches and head aches however that could always be a coincidence. I am wondering does this ritual make you feel more angered ? More darker in nature or more predatorial ? Thank you
by Vedmak - Comments: 3 - Views: 985

before i go ahead with any kind of ritual is there a vampire who will turn me?
by WARRIORofLILITH - Comments: 3 - Views: 971

hey, im fairly new to this site and two days ago at exactly 3am I done the easiest yet most dangerous ritual to become a vampire and I was wondering if u have to do dark meditation before it and how much you would need to do ive felt no effect and I have done everything needed in the ritual, also do I need a book of shadows and a god/ goddess to follow? like I believe in the Christian god but I want to become a vampire and would greatly appreciate any help or advise give to me also one last thing would I need to leave my family once I am changed? thanks
by DarkUndead - Comments: 5 - Views: 1521

Does a blood exchange really work? I mean yes, I have read about it truly works, has anyone ever done it successfully, if so were their any side effects?
by JonnyD666 - Comments: 0 - Views: 631

hi, please delete this post, thank you kindly. i will be more careful what questions i post and will read alot more information in the forum posts before asking anything in the future.

by Peaceseeker - Comments: 0 - Views: 472

Okay, so I woke up this morning and I had bite marks on my lower inner left thigh. Earlier that week I did an invocation spell. Is this just a coincidence?
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
by MissAnnieVampyr - Comments: 8 - Views: 1133

Hi everyone !

Well, I read that vampires can compel humans. Is that allowed if you don't harm them?

And if yes how does the compulsion-thing work ? Do vampires just have to look a human in the eyes and say something or what ? I saw this on a strange TV-Show once haha but I dont remember what the shows name was.

Thanks in advance ! Very Happy

by Amos - Comments: 14 - Views: 1494

Hello, I am curious. If one was to become a Vampire while attending High School or College or any grade of that matter, would the newly turned vampire attend school ? Possibly be absent for a few weeks as they start to learn there abilities and learn to control themselves and fit into society ?
Thank You
by Vedmak - Comments: 0 - Views: 481

Hey ya'all  Smile ,  my name is Nicolai and I'm new to this Webforum. I was waiting for something  like this many many years  ago and I was nerver aware of  that there was allready some one out there, that is offering us great Knowledge  about  Vampires and how to become  one. It somehow   got under my radar...Sad  But now things  have  changed. But  I'm  still questioning a few things, and I only come out with one conclusion for all of this.
by Aseriel Krabat - Comments: 2 - Views: 610

Hello, I have a question as if someone was born female and identified as male vise versa for a male who identifies as Female.
If they were turned into a vampire they would not have the ability to change their body through medical procedures etc into the opposite sex. However they would heal because they are a vampire ?
If someone can help me with this question I would be grateful !
Thank You
by Vedmak - Comments: 2 - Views: 555

Hello, a quick question regarding sexuality. When attempting to become a vampire through ritual would your sexuality have any conflict with becoming a vampire ? Would Demons have any strong opinions and may not see you worthy because of that ? Thank you !
by Vedmak - Comments: 1 - Views: 455

So, recently I was doing some research into modern vampires, and I stumbled upon this guy, Don Henrie. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Basically I wanna know what this guys deal is, is he a real vampire? or is he just a poser, looking for some celebrity by saying he is a vampire?
Any thoughts?
by lancing14 - Comments: 1 - Views: 569

Hello, I was wondering as vampires are immortal they would certainly be very old over time passes on. However I am stuck on understanding who the first vampyr was to roam the earth ? It may be unknown but it would surely be very interesting. Thank you !
by Vedmak - Comments: 0 - Views: 589

Hello guys,

I was wondering about something:

If I would run out of my blood-supplies once and I had to go in the forest to hunt down Chip and Dale and their bigger friends, lol... Very Happy would I be fast enough to catch an animal ( and then to feed on ) ? Or will I need to get myself a gun, sniper (or whatever) ?

I know that it was mentioned that after the transformation you'll be 10x faster and so on...but I'm still curious about that.

by Amos - Comments: 11 - Views: 940

Do vampires have retractable fangs ?
Or do they grow enough and are permanent but are sharp enough to pierce skin if needed ?
Thank you !  Laughing 
by Varcolac - Comments: 4 - Views: 998

Hey guys.
I was hoping for a bit of advice on summoning lilith. For the past 5 nights i have been meditiating while chanting her name, keeping her sigil in my mind while doing so. However. I have had very littlw success, the closest i got was a feeling of electricity running up my arms and i just want to make sure this is a good way or if there is a specific way to summon lilith in particular. As I find her a particularly admirable individual
by lancing14 - Comments: 0 - Views: 627

I've been pondering this for a while and I'm thinking (hoping) its whats causing zero of the these rituals to work...
I was unfortunately baptized as a child as my parents are Christians. Could this be creating some sort of barrier between me and the demons or does it not make a difference? If it is causing problems then is there any way to revoke my baptism that i could do to sort of 'prove' myself?
by lancing14 - Comments: 1 - Views: 708

Hi, so I've been wondering if your age has any impact on your chances of becoming a vampire with any of the rituals on this site. For example, I am 17 going on 18 years old and have done many of the rituals on this site a number of times to no avail. The most frequent of which was The Nosferatu Pact( done that about 7-8 times... :/). Any views or insight would be helpful
by lancing14 - Comments: 4 - Views: 638

I was wondering how old must someone be of age to be turned into a immortal vampire ?
Thank you !
by Varcolac - Comments: 1 - Views: 772

I don't know if it as been ask before of not so im going to ask it

Can a vampire drink/consume alcohol and what about an liquid like bleach what type of affect would it have on a vampire
by vampire8808 - Comments: 1 - Views: 567

If I turn into a vampire and I'm immortal what's going to happen with my identity it would be awkward living forever looking the same so question is I'm I going to get old n if I don't I need to hide all my life ????
by KristenTandie - Comments: 9 - Views: 756

1. Would some one have to feed more often if they are were anemic prior to being turned?

2.If one needed a certain enzyme they could not get from animal blood what would he or she do?

3. Would one's anemia convert with them when they became vampyr?

4. Would one's anemic condition effect their thirst for blood etc?

I am quite curious for this, since I myself am a sever anemic. Though I guess these questions are for everyone who is. I thought of them awhile back so I am just now posting them. I hope you all don't think I am weird by asking.
by Nightshade - Comments: 6 - Views: 901

Will a vampire sense sometime before what is going to happen?

I mean if something wrong is going to happen will he sense it before it happens?
by Adarsh - Comments: 1 - Views: 618

Hey guys,
I was just wondering about the dark meditation, seeing as there isn't really a step by step sort of guide to do it, if the site (which i'll link below) is basically correct in how to perform dark meditation. I'll be doing the Nos pact again for the fifth time soon and just want everything to be more refined and less rushed than before. Anyway, thanks!

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
by lancing14 - Comments: 3 - Views: 780

I just want to ask that how is the skin of vampire is it very cold or something or it is just like normal human beings?
by Adarsh - Comments: 3 - Views: 645

I just want to ask that how is the skin of vampire is it very cold or something or it is just like normal human beings?
by Adarsh - Comments: 0 - Views: 523

If anyone was to achieve immortality through power meditations and reach Godhood. Would they still be able to turn into a vampire? Or would they not be considered 'human' anymore?

Yes I will right after school or at if I can.
by RainbowsNStuff! - Comments: 2 - Views: 710

I have read on many posts that vampires are frozen in their body, yet apparently you stop aging until 20-24? I understand you won't grow because you are immortal, but you can age and develop? huh?

Aging and develloping requires changing of skin follicles and size, but you can't because your immortal ( sorry for all the confusion on this topic )

and do vampires grow facial hair or any head hair?

Thanks guys

by JayG - Comments: 1 - Views: 955

Its 9.30 pm i saw my eyes changed color to light brown after i meditation/ritual to be vampire.what is it mean? help me
by azira - Comments: 1 - Views: 659

Is it possible for a vampire and a human to have kids or a vampire and a vampire if so would the kid be a vampire
by vampire8808 - Comments: 1 - Views: 635

it has to be more then a balance of good and evil
by SonOfSatan - Comments: 3 - Views: 884

A quick question I have, can vampires go out in the sun light or not?
by JonnyD666 - Comments: 6 - Views: 844

Greetings, okay well this has been happening for the past week or so - every time I eat food (human food) I get sick. At first it was not bad but now I get real sick. And when I drink blood, I feel like I just smoked a lot of pot.. It's actually very nice. All the preparing and working my ass off for this .. Was totally worth it !! I encourage everyone to do about 2 years of dark meditation. Yes I know, it is a lot.. But this doesn't come without A LOT of effort. After that do the nos-ritual and chill. If it doesn't work do it again and again and again until it does.. DON'T GIVE UP..
by AncientVampire - Comments: 2 - Views: 901

After the 14 day transformation the vampyr must have blood to complete the trans, If one had a willing donor. May one be aloud to bite the donor if one didnt have via needle??

Also can the vampyr have vampiric blood the first time or does he/she need non vampiric blood?

Also how much would one need for this first taste, Maybe one shot glass?
by burningangel1 - Comments: 14 - Views: 1188

Well, I don't really know how to start this post in a very nice wy but here I go...
We need to make a slight change. We are becoming to dependent on the admin and moderators to be there for us and walk us all thru the steps of becoming a vampire, when all along, we have everything we need here! We need to actually try, and please don't think I'm saying everyone else but me because I'm not. I will admit it.. When I first joined last year, I just wanted to come, expecting to have the admin just change a random 14 yer old girl... But guess what! It didn't work! Eversince I realized that last...
by Torilei Denali - Comments: 7 - Views: 843

Hey guys,
So i am a 17 year old male in high school in England and I'd really appreciate some advice on these rituals and some answers for a few questions.
Firstly, I've tried the Nos pact with detailed explanation 3 times, twice in the space of 3 days as i felt i did it incorrectly first time, and then i waited a week before i attempted it again. I've also done the Easiest and yet most dangerous, but i think i did it wrong as i would stretch the image to fit a whole A4 size of paper, which pixelated the symbols a bit. But aside from that i did everything correctly. I tried dark meditation...
by lancing14 - Comments: 3 - Views: 704

Am I the only one that doesn't understand how to do the rituals? I don't understand why the magician is involved... What do I do?
by SkylerTurner - Comments: 7 - Views: 1464

I DNT KNW THAT how much time taken to complete full transformation to become vampire?? and what are the symptoms to become a vampire by using this method..
i want to knw because today is my 3rd day nd i am felling nothing changed...

and which types of power/ what types of power we get when we become vampires??

plz tell me someone.....help me..
by Sneha - Comments: 10 - Views: 3127

Okay, so I read in this vampire book that if someone isn't buried properly, they're most likely going to become a vampire. My biological mother passed away in March of 2009 due to Cardiac Arrest/too much cocaine use etc. etc. Anyway, my question is: My biological mom's boyfriend buried her (She was cremated) and I saw the picture. It looks completely off. So I did an invoking ritual shouting it straight at her saying, "I know what you are." and "Mom hear my call, don't let me fall." I repeated that part like twenty times. She always liked me calling her Mom. Now here's the weird...
by MissAnnieVampyr - Comments: 1 - Views: 659

Is Lilith and Lucifer enemies?? As in do they "approve" of each other.. Because I follow Lucifer and I want to follow Lilith but I need to know if that would be okay..?
by SatanicVampire - Comments: 1 - Views: 1155

Hello =) i am just wondering would it help your dark meditation if you was listening to dark creepy music.
also it says during the meditation imagine somthing dark and does this mean imagine some kind of horror creature?
by WARRIORofLILITH - Comments: 12 - Views: 1203

Can you have someone other than you sleeping in the same room with you while you are doing the "most effective and easy yet most dangerous!" ritual?
by Vaermina - Comments: 2 - Views: 1211
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