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 Problems with Astral

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PostSubject: Re: Problems with Astral    Sun Nov 30, 2014 8:25 pm

Try meditating before your meditation for astral, if need be get a white sage smug stick and a lavender smug stick and purify yourself and your room.

On your hearing Smile some people have strange things that can not be explained
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PostSubject: Problems with Astral    Mon Oct 27, 2014 11:25 am


I have a problem regarding astral travel.

Now i'm going to tell a little background of what has happened.

See, the first few times i tried astral i only got vibrations in my knees, nowhere else, only knees. I thought that I was doing something wrong so I started looking for a new
technique and I found a good one, a technique that requires a rope dangling from the ceiling and you ''climbing up'' it. So i tried it and it worked VERY good. I got this sideways 8 feeling. Basically: ∞. It felt like waves, it went to me head, then looped around itself, then went to my knees, looped around.. etc. So when it was doing that for the first time I suddenly woke up, my body and hands were shaking for a good 5 minutes, but it was a good feeling, i wasn't shaking of fear but rather goodness. Fast forward to the next day, when i tried again... I was getting relaxed, then something happened that scared the shit out of me.
There was a sound on my wall that sounded like someone was washing a window: Up down, up down, up down,(you know the sound when you are washing a window) but on my wall. I jumped up turned the light on and there was a little white chalk line(about 2cm) close to where the sound was, and yes, I do have white chalk in my room, but i've never written something on the wall even close to where the noise was. Now im usually not that scared of noises, being that i hear my name being called atleast 20+ times a day (among other.. things that i've heard) but that noise did startle me, mainly because i was relaxed. I was a little scared so i skipped a day of doing Astral.
Now the day after that, when I tried again I was a little startled because i feared that it might happen again, but nevertheless I tried again.. nothing happened, no vibrations or anything. But I did not give up.
Now over the next few days when i tried, the fear that it might happen again, or fear in general went away the more I tried doing Astral, but nothing happened.

That's why im writing, I don't really know whats going on, is the fear still there on a subconscious level? Or is it something else?

PS: I don't know if this helps on any level, but when i was younger  I went to the doctor, i'm not going to go into detail why, but they found out that i can hear slightly higher frequencies then normal, if that helps in any way..   Smile

Thank you for reading
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Problems with Astral
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