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 What happens during tansformation

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PostSubject: What happens during tansformation   Sat Oct 22, 2016 6:42 pm

Ok a lot of you has been asking on how to tell if you are a vampire or did any of the rituals work for you or have you or have you not became one. Wondering what kind of "THINGS" happens to you while you are transforming or becoming one.

For all I'm concerned we have covered this question before but anyway for all those that have missed it here is the answer to the question.

First of all when you are a vampire trust me you will know you are it doesn't need a lot of analysis and guessing to know that you are one! The signs are pretty obvious and you know what major changes happened to you by then.

First of all I exclude all delusional people whom just want to believe in any kind of a sign just to live a lie and call themselves Vampires.

A vampire isn't just simply craving for blood or desiring to be alone and loving night time. Its way beyond that it is a complete transformation in your body system mind and all your being into a whole different state and being.

Lets say you succeeded one of the rituals what will happen and how do you tell that it did?
depending on the type of ritual each one will have an immediate sign that it did work I will get to that later in the full guide I'm getting finished with.

After commencing with the ritual or any transformation method you will suffer at first from complete nausea dizziness lost of balance you will be home sick in bed completely sick for a few days completely lost just as if you had a complete black out of alcohol poisoning after a long hard party night! Hallucinations, fever, vomiting, muscle ache, bones aching and obviously major teeth pain. I honestly find the transformation period much more harder than the ritual or the process you did to become a vampire.
As I mentioned you are changing and this will include you developing your new senses and appearances like smell,sight, hearing and even other senses like 6th senses telepathy at sometimes and even telekinesis. So this may cause you disturbance in all your senses and imbalance in your system as you are just getting to experience this for the first time until your body cop, adapts and you learn to how to control your new developed senses and powers.
And the list of symptoms keeps on going but for now I'll stick with this.

With that being said until i cover this in whole in the complete guide I'm writing, If you feel simple cravings for blood or think that you are a vampire, trust me if you "THINK" you are not a vampire unless you are "SURE" only then you are a vampire.
Because honestly a vampire would be able very much to tell the difference between himself and all other mortals!
As for the people who ask about witnessing an entity or forces of darkness like something touching them, noises, breathing, voices or even saw something Congrats you've made a first step , they made the presence but no not yet you are not a vampire. But yes you are on the right track.

I know I promised I'll finish the complete guide but trust me dear members there are a lot to be covered so I need more time but its almost there.

Until then I kindly don't advice anyone to commence with any of the earlier rituals posted on the website until this guide comes out and you go through it all and also there is an announcement to be made by the admins of this website me Lia and Sebastian which i think something most of you have been always wanting and waiting for.
Until then

Blessed be;
Jake Carlson
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PostSubject: Acceptance   Sat Jan 28, 2017 9:24 am

Do not forget acceptance.

Although being changed (forced) or self awakening may hurl a complete mind-body set of changes, a ritual solely "operates the flesh". This means that, once one operated a successful ritual, one must accept the changes that are coming, work on the socially developed and violated self image and pursue deeper self understanding.

I've seen people who operated successful rituals living in a dormant state without even noticing perceptible mind and body changes. They don't even understand the multidimensionality of physical existence (including the obvious fact that mind controls body... entirely), so they can't even, roughly stating, "activate the programs" for perpetual physical life sustenance.

This must be evicted by all means, since living in a dormant state throws one to a never ending series of cognitive difficulties (like soaring dissociation episodes and constant dissonances) and usually drives the dormant to Dysthymia.

Also, all the narrative of one's experience usually starts by one "feeling like" a vampire and then looking for answers (including rituals, sometimes). As we all should already know, linear time perception is an illusion we developed as a tool to better organize our physical existences. So this "feeling like" succeeded by the pursuit for understanding could actually be the opposite and may bring disruption if one gets the sense that time isn't linear at all but doesn't understand it completely. Iterating this fact, we may find understanding on the fact that, as you exposed, several people think they are what they are not... they could be in a dormant state (of course I'm neglecting the "wannabes" and the role players, I'm not concerned about them).

So... hail you, Azazel! There are lots who need help.
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PostSubject: Re: What happens during tansformation   Sat Jan 28, 2017 3:16 pm

lahzak wrote:
Do not forget acceptance.

Although being changed (forced) or self awakening may hurl a complete mind-body set of changes, a ritual solely "operates the flesh". This means that, once one operated a successful ritual, one must accept the changes that are coming, work on the socially developed and violated self image and pursue deeper self understanding....

Well, that ''acceptance'' really comes easily if one meditates before the ritual and I mean power meditation, for at least quite some time. It's logical then to accept said changes, as power meditation., i.e Getting used to energies, maybe some Kundalini symptoms, even feeling the atmosphere can really help when finally doing the ritual. Because, from my own experience, dealing with your own subconscious is much more difficult than doing the meditations or working with energies. I remember when I first started with the meditations I thought to myself ''Huh, void meditation can't be that important as the other stuff.'' and you can guess where I ended up. The subconscious needs to be prepped for it, especially for the rituals that are here. That what the necro dreams are for.

(I just checked and, am I crazy, or did I just write the same stuff you did?)

Memory as well, hah. Don't know if this is spiritual related or not, but damn... My memory has been worse than a goldfish lately.
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PostSubject: Re: What happens during tansformation   

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What happens during tansformation
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