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 The two types of vampires...

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PostSubject: The two types of vampires...   Wed Dec 27, 2017 1:02 pm

Okay... so all of this articles i've read is bullshit. It's time to be serious here... So right now, right here, I'm gonna tell you the truth about vampires and all of the information I know about the two different types of vampires.

There is two known groups of vampires:
- Energy vampires: People that got turned into a vampire by a spell or a ritual.

- Natural blood vampires: People that got turned by exchanging blood with another natural blood vampire. ( People get a infection called vampyrism).

The natural blood vampires are the so called "real" vampires. They're not immortal, but need blood to survive. They are a little bit stronger and faster than a human but not as in the fiction. They can go in the sun just like any person, but don't really enjoy being in the sun. Natural blood vampires have teeth that is a little bit longer than a humans teeth.

To get turned into a natural blood vampire, you need to exchange blood with another natural blood vampire, which means that you have to drink that persons blood. You don't have to die after or anything like that. All you need is that vampires blood in your bloodsystem.

To become a natural blood vampire can be pretty hard because you need to find a person that is a natural vampire. I personally recommend looking in cities like New Orleans ( The city of supernatural) or New York that also has vampire clubs/bars.

Energy vampires isnt "real" vampires. People that is energy vampires don't have the vampyrism infection and they become vampires by a spell or a ritual. Just because there are different of spells and rituals... there are different types of energy vampires, depending on what spell or ritual you used.
Some energy vampires is immortal, some need alot of blood... some need a little...some people can't even go out in the sun. But the most rituals and spells share a few things:

- You need blood so survive.
- You DO have a reflection in the mirror and CAN eat garlic and all of those other myths are fake.
- You won't be able to run super fast and you won't be so strong that you can lift a train.. I mean... we still live in the reality here...

So that was some small facts about the different groups of vampires.

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PostSubject: Re: The two types of vampires...   Mon Jan 01, 2018 6:15 am

If you are new here, kindly spent time reading the posts about vampires, especially ones which was written by Admin. I think he has already cover up about this topic.


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The two types of vampires...
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