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 Starting your journey with Herbal Medicine

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PostSubject: Starting your journey with Herbal Medicine    Mon Sep 24, 2012 12:18 am

Here are some methods and substances, the means and the requirements, for certain arts of benefit to both the body and the mind. Most of these herbs are used ordinarily and daily, yet also in magical rites and observations of an elevated nature. I hope you will find it informative to have these guidelines for herbs because by time if you remember and follow each of the uses of these herbs then you will find it with great ease to do your magical work.

Herb Brews

Herbs are better grown in our garden most of the time, especially when you need their aid to work for you it will definitely be more accessible and more in tune with your energy. But if it not as applicable to you or your current situation, you may acquire herbs at the nearest grocery, market, etc. Herbs used to heal any kind of condition should be drunk fresh in all their strength and not wasted and weakened in flavorings. These brews are true powers, whereas the same herbs cooked in food are weakened but honor them as they deserve and they will not fail you.

The fair leaves or other necessary parts should be gathered as young as possible. Gather a handful place it in a teapot of good size. Fill the pot then with fresh boiling water allow this tea to steep for twelve minutes by the clock. Pour it out then straightaway into a cup, sweeten it with a teaspoon of honey and drink the infusion while it is hot.

A few of well known herbs that may be used for such purposes are as follows:

Anise, the Amorous: The seeds to strengthen passion
Basil, the Courageous: Against faintness of the heart
Borage, the Inspiring: Against aches in the limbs
Caraway, the Sweet: The seeds, for mental vigor
Catnip, the Subtle: Against fever and chills
Mint, the Comforting: Against afflictions of the stomach
Nasturtium, the Pungent: Against the headache
Parsley, the Stout: Against pallor and frailty
Red Clover, the Succulent: The flowers, for good temper
Rosemary, the Fair: To soothe the nerves
Rue, the Mysterious: To assuage guilt and sorrow
Sage, the Powerful: Against melancholy and distress
Thyme, the Sovereign: Against the coughs
White Pin, the Healthful: Against the colds and catarrh
Wild Ginger, the Profound: The root, against lassitude

Finally, let me just share to you one of the most commonly used substance everyday and with it I will partake to you a concoction that will help you with your everyday constitution. More of the herbal information will be posted next.

An Elixir of Honey

This is to strengthen the constitution and dispel afflictions of the mind and body. As I have mentioned in a past post, you have to be of stable mind and body to be able to use magic and learn it. So just for that the honey is the best. This honey elixir has no equal. It is pure and wholesome and may be taken as a tonic by children, grown men and women with good results.

Boil in eight ounces of water the fresh leaves of sage thyme and mint, a large spoonful of each herb will do. Boil until the liquid has been left is an ounce or two. Pour off this brew and when it is cool add to it a teaspoonful of good brown cider vinegar, and also three ounces of honey, strained fresh from the comb. Stir these well until the honey is blended and the whole shines clear. Then it may be sipped, from a wine glass all or in part. If not used, it may be kept in a tightly corked vessel for later.

Blessed Be,


"Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness.”
― Allen Ginsberg
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Starting your journey with Herbal Medicine
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