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 summoning of a demon (for posessing you)

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PostSubject: summoning of a demon (for posessing you)   Mon Sep 24, 2012 12:54 pm

This should help weaken a demon that has came to posses you. This does not make any demon ever posses you, it makes the demon(s) that are possesing you now to be weakend and shall soon the demon will die and that demon will (CANNOT) ever posses you again, but another demon can, so you may need to use this spell MORE than once. Usually after the first demon pessesion you got rid of with this spell will call at least 2 or 3 more demons to posses you so im saying you may need to SAVE this spell because you might have to use it 2 or 3 times in your life, Im not saying you will need to, im prodicting...I had to go through 2 possesions with using this spell to end it. This is powerful and harmful, and if your being possed, use this spell AS FAST AS YOU CAN because once the demon has possed you through your whole mind, you will become a demon. Donnot use this if a person you know and they know you has become a demon and if possesing you, donnot use this spell if so that happens

you need:

3 White Candles - For Goodness
1 Black Candle - For The Demon
A Cross - To Hypnitize The Demon
Holy Water - To Punish The Demon
Quiet And Pitch Dark Place - To Atrack The Demon
1 Drop Of Your Blood - For Extra Power
Bowl - For Your Blood
Mind Open Wind - To Use Your Psychic Energy

Place 1 White Candle in FRONT of you, Another Candle Beside You, and the last candle Behind you.

Place the cross in YOUR HAND, and Sprinkle DROPS of the Holy Water around you making a circle of Holy Water so the Demon CANNOT touch you or GET INSIDE YOU.

Put the drop of your Blood in the Bowl.

Now, in your open mind, think about what the Demon has done to you, think about why would it, imagine it as in a LOST WORLD where nowhere to go, but lay there and burn, think what did the Demon do foe that?

Then chant:

"Demon near, stand right there.

I see you clear, Demon there,
you shall Disapear!

You will go, So far
of torchure thy I
shall know. So
It Be!

source: spellspfmagic.com (top rated spells)
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summoning of a demon (for posessing you)
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