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 Runes: the history about it

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PostSubject: Runes: the history about it   Sat Sep 29, 2012 8:42 pm

Runes is the series of related or runic alphabets that had been used widely to wrote various languages of Germanic since the earliest centuries. However the runes had no longer used after being replaced with the latin alphabet. The sources mentioned runes had been created independently rather than evolved from other alphabet. There earliest runic inscriptions that have been found is date from 1st century, but most of others runic inscriptions dated from 11th century.

The main characteristics of the runes are it seems to be written in different writing direction (freestyle) but later, it had been organized and written from left into right direction. Apart from that, there is no words division can be recognized from the runes, even with the presence of one or two dots that were occasionally used for this function.

The runes writings can be found on gravestones, Hrolf (cliff wall, large stone or buildings), documents that related to trading or politics, personal letters, books that involving various magic/rituals and art or craft signatures on swords, wood crafts, church building and gold products.

There are 8 type runes(will be explained in further posts) which are Elder furthark, Gothic Runes, Younger Furthark, Anglo –Frisian runes, Dalecarlian runes, Turkic runes, Cirth runes and Hungarian runes which found on certain centuries and each slightly evolved from the ones before them when the centuries of this writing passed from generation to the next.

Runes are common for the religious purpose and also used to create various numbers of powerful magic spells and rituals. They also used for divination readings and even till today, although runes nearly being forgotten by most people, the magic spells and rituals still relevant and practical to be used as an important references for today magic.

In addition, there are lots of the runic inscriptions that hold many secrets of the past which contributed some part of the world history that we learned and knew about. For these reasons, the runes had been valued and preserved for the next generations to learn and gained knowledge from them.


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Runes: the history about it
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