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 Cryptex in brief about it

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PostSubject: Cryptex in brief about it   Sat Sep 29, 2012 11:26 pm

Cryptex is the devices of a neologisim where new term, words, phrase that on their way into to be accepted by mainstream language and which many people still unfamiliar with them. Cryptex was created and coined by an author Dan Brown for his book The Da Vinci Code, introducing a portable vault which hide secret massage that can be unlocked with complex password. The Cryptex is based on the combination of cryptology and codex.

In brief, Cryptology is a study and practices of techniques to secure certain information, data or communication in the presence of the third parties. To do this, there will be lots and continuous of protocols as well as technology applications construction and analyzing to overcome the flaw in previous protocols and influence of the adversaries. The example of cryptology application that we familiar with are the ATM cards, computer password and most of electronic commerce (i.e pin number to enter security doo).

The major fields that involved Cryptology are mathematics, electrical engineering and computer Science. In cryptex, it is obvious the items being protected with specific password similar to other cryptology applications that meant to protect/secure it from others people, and very small chances for any people to randomly guess the right combination of the password and success, unless they had some sort of clue related to it, they would able to succeed.

Codex, is referred to numbers of papers, vellum and others hand written of similar yet important information being stacked and bounded together into a book format. This book style format are the recent form of codex since they usually being gathered into the scrolls formats. Unlike other normal books, codex contains more compactness of information. Although it seems so packed with info, the content is still easy to be accessed. It’s safe to say reading a codex is like reading 5 or 6 books of similar topics in same time. And inside of codex, there are tablets, secrets texts and numbers being stored in such efficient ways inside it.

Now back on cryptex, now you might already get a whole picture about Cryptology which giving the cryptex the password in secure system and Codex is giving the clue to break the password. Both combination of Cryptology and Codex make Cryptex a powerful tool of securing.

There are still no real codex devices being invented and traced from history, since research on this newly started only after the Dan Brown created the idea. Common examples are the ones we see from the movie or books. For example is the cylinder from the da vinci code book, and some from other movies of mystery, science or adventures fictions.


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Cryptex in brief about it
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