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 what is hypnosis, how it works and significance

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PostSubject: what is hypnosis, how it works and significance   Thu Oct 04, 2012 2:00 am

Hypnosis borrowing the word ''hypnos'' from Greek which means 'sleep'. in general, hypnosis is a method used to help @ aid people to enter the altered state of their consciousness(trance state) and later initiates the desired changes in their psychological behavior and thinking.

to see the clear picture how hypnosis is done, let have an example of hypnosis in term of medical application. a student felt terribly discouraged for the upcoming test due to the past failures, so he seek the hypnotherapist and the hypnotherapist begin to study the problems and know what changes does the student want in himself( i.e courageous). he will guide the student into the trance state, first with help of items(pendulum,etc) and given specific steps by steps instructions to the student.

now, the therapist will guide the student(whom in the trance state) to remember back the first event in his past life that initiated the discouraged feeling/reactions in him. after able to find the cause, the therapist will separate the memory from others and replaces the unhealthy behavior(discourage) with healthy, desired behavior(courageous).

the therapist will uses series of artificial mental images and suggestions like in this case, the therapist will tell the student that he eventually succeed in all test he taken and show an artificial image where student will see himself(in the trance state) got a high mark in the test and feels courageous for the upcoming test. the hypnosis therapy over when the student no longer feels discouraged.

hypnotism had been one of the most important field being studied in both medical treatment as well as in magic. hypnotism for magic is not about controlling people to do bidding but as a powerful method to aid and finding connection between mind state and magical influence like when practicing astral projection and aura awakening/activation.

in medic, hypnotism proved to be an effective and friendly method to treat patient that suffers from trauma and any other erupted psychological behavior and they can heal quick after having few sessions of hypnotherapy.

although it have many advantages, hypnosis eventually is not something that can be mastered by everyone in the short time. it requires lots of practices, concentration and focus before it can be used.

source :

''Face your ultimate enemy, the ones named as Fear.''
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what is hypnosis, how it works and significance
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