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 sell your soul to lucifer

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PostSubject: sell your soul to lucifer   Thu Oct 04, 2012 10:45 am

You Will Need:
1.A black cat.

2.A knife

3.A cup made from pure silver


5.Holy Water

Ok...now you can start:

-Go in forest when is full moon.

-make a pentagram from salt

-Now say:"In name of Lucifer

Me(your name),I make gift

In name of Satan

I will give blood

In name of Beliah

Listen to me

In name of Leviathan

I will continue this Irreversible spell"

-After you say this,you will decapitate the cat whit the knife and you will put the cat's head in center of pentagram.Now you need to pu the blood of the cat in the silver cup.

-insert the finger in the blood and say:

"Me(your name),I will sell my soul to Lucifer,

In conversely(now you say what you want to have-ONLY one thing)"

-Now Put the finger whit the blood on your heart.

source: spellspfmagic.com (top rated spells)
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PostSubject: ...   Mon Jul 01, 2013 6:31 pm

Sorry but this is really offensive.. Satanists don't harm animals.. Animals are sacred to Lucifer and killing a cat for "acceptance" is just WRONG.. And you can't sell your soul to anyone. You can make a DEDICATION. Sorry if I am being rude but this really is very insulting. Satanists have a hard time already because people think we do the things you posted so this isn't helping. If you want to see the real way of making a dedication go to JoyOfSatan.
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PostSubject: Re: sell your soul to lucifer   Thu Jul 11, 2013 10:23 am

Uh o.o Just to let you know black cats are actually are for good luck killing one would result in bad luck and most of the spells from spellsofmagic.com don't work..And luci would need a lot more than that
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PostSubject: Re: sell your soul to lucifer   

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sell your soul to lucifer
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