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 The Summoning of Flauros

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PostSubject: The Summoning of Flauros   Fri Oct 05, 2012 5:11 am

The Summoning of Flauros
against thine enemy…
FLAUROS a strong Duke, appears at first in the form of a terrifying leopard. In human form, he shows a terrible countenance, and fiery eyes. Flauros answers truthfully in all things present, past and future. Flauros should never be placed in a triangle, for he will lie in all things and deceive in other things, and beguile one on others. He is constrained by divine virtue, to burn and destroy all the conjurers adversaries. And if he be commanded, he suffers the conjurer not be tempted. Flaurose hath twenty legions under him. To summon Flauros, the conjurer must be free from fear and of a quiet mind in the face of terror. Flauros is accommodating and will willfully obey the strong conjurer. A circle need be drawn upon the ground and the following invocation need be recited firmly and facing the south:
I conjure thee Flauros, in the names of the highest and their power and strength of will and by their virtues and powers I charge thee Flauros, that thou shalt not depart out of my sight, nor yet to alter thy bodily shape, that thou hath been given the ableness to have appeared in, nor any power shalt thou have of our bodies or souls, earthly or ghostly, but to be obedient to me, and to the words of my conjuration. I conjure thee Flauros, by all thrones, dominations, principats, potestats and virtutes, and by their virtues and powers. I conjure and charge, bind and constrain thee Flauros, by the highest and their virtues, that thou be obedient unto me, and to come and appear visible unto me, and that in all days, hours, and minutes, wheresoever I be, being called by the virtue of the highest, thou shalt look ready to appear unto me, and to give me good counsel, to give to me thy aid and comfort, and in all other things my will quickly to be fulfilled: I charge thee upon pain of everlasting condemnation, Fiat, fiat, fiat, Amen.
When Flauros doth appear to ye, speak quickly of thine business with him so that he may be earnestly discharged. Dismiss him with the Dismissal of the Spirit.

source: spells-magic.com
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The Summoning of Flauros
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