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 About Magical Beliefs (VERY IMPORTANT)

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PostSubject: About Magical Beliefs (VERY IMPORTANT)   Sun Oct 07, 2012 3:39 pm

Some people assume that magic works because a person
believes that it works, and that magic's only method of
working comes from the beliefs of the magician. Well, this
is not really accurate when you consider that even people
who do not believe in magic are effected by spell casting
through the skill of the magician.
It is my finding that magic does not work by belief. In
fact, you could believe nothing at all about it and still
have results. Belief has little to do with this process.
For instance, do you have to believe that a knife can cut,
in order for it to be able to cut? You certainly don't. All
you have to do is know how to use it. A tool, when used in
the proper method, does what it is designed to do and
nothing more.
Failure in magic is due to the inexperience, lack of
knowledge, lack of foresight, and lack of dedication to the
craft. It is not due to the lack of belief. Compare it to
learning how to swim. No matter how much you believe you
can do it, without actually knowing how to do it, without
even trying, all the belief in the world is not going to
help you. You are only able to learn through practice, and
experience once you dive in and actually use magic.
Success in magic comes from the knowledge on how to use
magic, not from the belief that magic works. For instance,
if you make and wear a talisman that is supposed to help
you in a certain situation, and you are successful, then
situation around you was effected through your magic,
regardless of whether others knew about your spell work or
not. It was your skill in choosing the appropriate method
of magic that caused your result. Not only were you able to
create a proper talisman because of your knowledge, you did
not need belief to get results.
On the other hand, some magicians operate only through
belief as a mechanism of magic. Wicca is an example of this
method. Faith in the powers of the gods is required in
order for spells to be created. Faith is the belief in
something despite the lack of evidence. Some are successful
with this method because they are interacting with magic on a very basic level. They use the techniques that cause
results, yet they are convinced that it is their own way of
thinking and the faith in their gods that caused magic to
be successful. They lack the faith in themselves and their
own abilities, and they hand the responsibility of creating
magic over to their god(s). They will get results but they
may be limited in what they do. I will not say that it is a
crutch, but it is a method of working with magic. The
underlying cause of their success is that the will is
directed by belief and faith. But, It takes an incredible
amount of patience and faith to survive through failures
and successes using only belief to carry you through.
Belief can impair magical thinking. You may end up feeling
like there are only certain conditions that have to exist
in order for your magic to work. Your magic will turn into
superstition, and instead of focusing on the method you
become concerned with conditioning and results.
Your belief, or even your non-belief in magic can hinder
your success. Many people experience using magic
successfully without using belief as a guide. I certainly
I am not here to teach you how to be faithful or how to
believe in magic. That would be too easy, and very
misleading. If belief was all that one needed than any wish
that we wanted when we blew out the candles on our birthday
cake would come true. You could wish for anything and
produce results. Magic is not wishing, magic is a method of
creating results.
Magic is very real and it has been practiced by many, and
methods and information about magic have been recorded in
books for centuries. All you have to do is have a
willingness to commit your life to the study and practice
of magic. It is magic from a practical approach, something
that the faithful can not teach.
Magic works by the Will of the magician. Will is the force
of volition. It is the absolute force that is guided by the
Self. This magical will arises from within the
subconscious. Our subconscious minds direct our conscious
thoughts, and actions.
Will is not the same thing as desire. You can desire
something, but desire is a longing that is never satisfied,
and will is absolution, conviction and certainty. Without a
focus of the will, magic fails. You can learn a lot from
these failed experiences, perhaps even more than you can
from your successes.
If success is what you seek, then focus on the method of
magic, learn about the tools and associations, build your
own personal style of working, instead of focusing on the
shaky foundations of belief, and through this you will have
much better results in the end.
In summary, I will say that magic works not because of
belief, but because of the knowledge and experience of the
magician, and the wise application of that knowledge to
achieve what is desired.

Source: www.spiritualsatanist.com
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About Magical Beliefs (VERY IMPORTANT)
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