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 Elements are the Foundation

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PostSubject: Elements are the Foundation   Sun Oct 07, 2012 3:58 pm

Magic is complex, user oriented and diverse. It is also very specific
when it comes to methods of practice. I am teaching these basic method
of witchcraft to enable your mind and spirit by inspiring you with
information, knowledge, and insight. I am also writing about witchcraft
from my experiences and knowledge from a Satanic perspective.
It has been said that the magician is able to influence the world
because the magician is able to work in harmony with the forces of
nature. Not above it, or below it, but together in accord. The elements
are the foundation of the natural world. With my method of Satanic
magic, you will be using these basic elementary forces to influence and
create positive changes in your life and your world.
For Satanists, our demon-god, or symbolic representation of Satanic
divinity, is often symbolized by the earth, and our own human natures.
Mastery of the elements is the mastery of the earth, and this is the
mastery of ourselves as Satanic magicians.
Therefore, the elements are the foundation of magical empowerment. It is
the perfect place to start so that you can begin to understand magic and
how it is used.
The symbolism of the elements of magic are combined like ingredients in
a recipe to create the effect. When the elements are invoked and used
along with other aspects of magic, they will lend an influence that will
get you results. And, results according to what you Will are what you
are after.
The magician causes specific changes through the focus of the will. The
tools, symbols and associations in magic contain power and influence if
they are used properly, but in the end it is the magician that uses
those tools, symbols and elements to create the change.
But, it is only through study, time and practice that the elements in
magic are understood. It is important to have a good foundation that
begins with an understanding of these elements and the forces that they
move and influence, and how this creates change for us from the
spiritual to the mundane.
The first thing that you should know is that there are many systems of
elemental representations in magic. These systems, while they are
similar, are specific to the practices that they belong to. I have
studied some of these systems, but not wanting to use one that had
already been associated with occult traditions, I have developed my own
associations of the magical elements based on the classical associations
of the elements.
There are several different elemental systems, each with specific associations. Most of western magic and occultism, including Hermetics,
Golden Dawn, Kabbalism, Ceremonial magic, Astrology, Tarot, Wicca and
even some types of Satanism (including LaVeyan) have relied on what is
known as the 'Greek classical elements', or the Aristotelian Elements.
These are basic elemental associations that relate specific powers and
associations with Air, Fire, Earth and Water.
Some eastern methods of magic and mysticism use a Chinese, Indian or
Buddhist elemental system. My writings on magic will focus on the
aspects of western magic and use a basic classical Greek elemental
system. The one thing that these systems have in common is that they are
an ordered system of associations. Here is a brief comparison of these
elemental systems:

The elements in any system are used to relate to the basic materials of
the universe that create what we know. Every aspect of life is affected
by these elements, and that is why they are an important thing to study
for new magicians.
These ideas about the elements are not new – they were illustrated
through the Greek teachings of Aristotle, and they were accepted by
people who practiced Astrology and Alchemy. These same elements and
associations serve as a framework for many different practices of magic
and the Occult.
The systems that were already created are very influential in occultism
– but I wanted to create my own system from my practice and experience,
within a Satanic framework. It is a simple system of elemental magic
that anyone can use, regardless of what path they are on. Each element has its own unique quality and through magic, they have an effect on
the world in a unique way. The point of creating my own system is that
I can build it from my own understanding as a magician and Satanist,
and then share these ideas with you.
This order that I present here seems natural because it is based on
planetary and astrological associations, but it is not intended to be
the final answer on the order of the universe. It is only a method of
magic that may be useful to you in your quest to learn about Satanic
Since Satanic Witchcraft is about Satan, we will use the pentagram of
Satan to symbolize the unity of the elements. The Pentagram is one of
the symbolic Ritual tools of Satanists. The pentagram is often hung over
the altar or it is placed directly on the altar to represent Satan, the
earth, and all of the elements together as one. Each area of the
Pentagram is a representation of each element: earth, air, fire, and
water. The Pentagram is recognized through every path of Satanism in
various meanings as the inverted pentacle, the pentagram, the Baphomet,
and the Goat's Star.
Attributing the elements and the cardinal directions to each area of the
pentagram helps to symbolize and unify all of these satanic aspects into
one magical symbol. I chose four elements for this system of magic
because four is a unifying number that symbolizes manifestation and

Earth is the element of Satan. In many places Satan is described as the
force of the material and the mundane. The Goat of Satan, symbolized by
Levi and other occultists, shows the unity of nature within the image of
the androgynous animal-human image of the Baphomet.
The element of earth represents the carnal, the Flesh and the Body. From
a metaphysical view, the element of earth is the physical manifestation
of all the elements as one. The element of earth also rules all things
material, including wealth and possessions, animals, health and
mortality, the conscious self. Earth is the element that allows us to
experience. It is the foundation of our existence.

AIR (cold and dry) - East – Morning - Spring Equinox - Lucifer – Sword,
Dagger, Incense, Robes - Learning, Organizing, knowledge, enlightenment,
beauty, the mind, sensuality, intelligence, insight, communication,
Air is the element of Lucifer. Lucifer as a roman deity was born of the
four winds but had always been symbolized by the eastern star. In his
legend he carried with him the flame, a torch that awakened the other
gods, including the god of the sun.
The element of air represents the intelligence, the intellect and the
Mind. From a metaphysical view, Air is the energy that invokes
illumination, knowledge and knowing. The element of air rules over all
animals of the air who take flight. Air is the element that allows us to

FIRE (hot and dry) – North - Night – Winter Solstice - Belial- Candles,
-War, blood magic, ego, power, destruction, cursing, lust, the
masculine, energy, courage, passion, desire, motivation, leadership,
focus, purifying.
Fire is the element of Belial. Belial was an ancient deity who became a
Demon in the era of Christianity. As a god of plenty he represented all
that was good and beneficial. His demonic aspect is lustful and
passionate, ego-driven and powerful. Within the Goetia, Belial is
symbolized in his description of the Goetia, by riding in a chariot of
The element of Fire represents the power and force of nature to create
and also to destroy. Just as the sun allows the plants to grow it can
also create an arid desert. From a metaphysical view, fire is the
element that evokes the will into being. It is the desire to create and to destroy. It is a powerful force of nature. The element of fire rules
over all mythical animals of fire, such as dragons, the salamander and
the phoenix. Fire is the element that allows us to create.

WATER (wet and cold) - West – Evening - Autumn Equinox - Lilith -
Chalice or Cup, Oils- Creativity, emotions, dreams, psychic work,
divination, moon magic, the feminine, love, jealousy, ecstasy, the
Heart, the unconscious, memory, wisdom
Water is the element of Lilith. This demoness has a history that is
older than Judaism, where she was portrayed as the Lilin in Sumerian
mythology. The Lilin would fly by the light of the moon and prey on
children in their cradles. Later on the Lilith figure would be portrayed
as a figure of rebellion and seduction, as Adam's first wife in one of
the many early Judaic myths of creation. She is the feminine mystery
symbolizing the moon and the watery depths of the seas.
Where there is water there is life. The element of water represents the
elements of creation. Our planet, and our bodies contain a large amount
of water. Without water we could not survive. The tides of the earth are
directed by the moon and these motions have a profound effect on life
here on earth. It nourishes but it also destroys when it becomes a
flood. From a metaphysical view, water is the element of emotion that
can be as calm as still waters or as raging as a torrent. Water is the
element of wisdom, and the realm of the subconscious. The element of
water rules over all creatures of the water. Water is the element that
allows us to feel.

If you study each element you will have an understanding of their place
in this world and how you can use them in magic. In the next chapter you
will learn how to meditate on the elements so that you can have a
foundation in this knowledge. From there, you can proceed to consecrate
your ritual tools, and self-initiate yourself into a life of magic
guided by the force of Satan.

Source: www.spiritualsatanist.com
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Elements are the Foundation
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