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 Introduction To Crystal Magic

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PostSubject: Introduction To Crystal Magic   Wed Oct 10, 2012 3:20 am

To begin with, crystals are amazing finds in this world as well as in the spiritual. It is what links us to the infinite source of energy in this Earth as well as in other realms. A lot of you might have come across your birthstones and all but then you just think it is a lucky charm. That throughout your life it can bring you luck. That is partly true but then there is more to that crystal than meets the eye. If you take the time to study crystals and learn to resonate to their energy level then you might just discover more about them and the secrets that they have within. You have to understand that crystals are pure energy. They are one of the things in this world that can hold infinite knowledge from other realms and they can work for anybody. Now how about for skeptics? The crystals still work but it will take time to do so. You have to remember that they resonate to the right energy and if a person doesn't have that then they cannot force their energy to that being. The acceptance and realization must first come from the person before the crystal can work their true powers. It is similar to what we are teaching int his website. We can only give so much but then the time, effort, dedication will come from you all.

I also want to emphasize that that buying a crystal just because you found a property that you like or would like in your life isn't just a one time thing. Don't think that because you have a black tourmaline in your hands that you will be grounded every single time. There is more to it. Like taking care of the crystal, meditating with the crystal that you have, cleansing them and energizing them. I personally own over 50 crystals as of the moment and it can be tedious work when the full moon comes and energizing them is a must. But yes I do it because I adhere to their needs. Just like any person who needs food, water and clothing, your crystals are not just decorations in your home. These are powerful items that can work with you and at the same time fulfill your wishes.

This will just be a short introduction to crystal work. And I don't want to bore anyone with a lengthy post on its introduction. But let me just give a little warning with regards to crystal use and spells that you may find in the internet, make sure that you verify the content before posting it in the site because rest assured I will read them. Wink After all, I've studied crystals for years now and I want to make sure that every member gets the right information with regards to these gems. I will be posting additional information from my personal book collection on crystals so that everyone may have the right knowledge and information.

Welcome to the world of crystals and may your journey to the crystal world be wonderful and fulfilling.

Blessed Be,

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"Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness.”
― Allen Ginsberg
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Introduction To Crystal Magic
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