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PostSubject: ANGEL OF DEATH - THE GRIM REAPER   Thu Oct 18, 2012 12:37 am

Grim Reaper is a well known creatures that have close connection to death. synonym with a nickname ''Angel of Death'', Grim Reapers probably have the most terrifying legends from all around the world.

usual descriptions are these creatures wear a black robe covering over their body and head, holding a long scythe and it's body entirely made of human bones. some legends mentioning the name grim represent the sinister grin it made while haunting any freed souls. reaper referred to his action/job taking away the soul of dead. others legends put out the Grim Reaper is the personification of death, where the abstract subject(Death) had been brought into the living form known as Grim Reaper.

Grim Reaper can causing death to humans in many ways but literally, he had an important job associated with death. from most legends, his main duty is to bring the souls to the unknown dimension, some said the place called ''a realm of death'', a scary place for the lingering souls to dwell for eternity. Grim reaper either will arrive to the souls with an on old coach drawn by white horses or on a horse without a coach.

most people believed seeing a grim is never been a good sign. the encounter would means they are about to died soon or get into terrible life threatening event. so, they filled with fear and feels shiver even just hearing his name mentioned.

the others creatures that being known as Grim Reaper from various cultures are as follow :

Odin - considered as a god in Norse paganism, it escorts the souls of dead warriors with help of his assistant Valkyries into the rightful place, the hall in the heaven. from Germanic folklore, Odin carries a spear amd rode on nightmarish horse, it had all characteristics that associated to Grim Reaper.

Ankou - from Reton mythology, the personification of death called as Ankou, donned a long black robe. Legend mentioned two horses pulled his cart which helped him carry the souls of the deceased..

Yamraj - Hindu mythology describes the lord of death as Yamraj, a figure that rides a black buffalo and carries the soul of the dead person to Yamlok, his abode.

Hades - from Greek mythology, he is the ruler of death and hell. he defended the right of the dead and some other legends stating he will carries the souls into the hell. unlike other Grim Reapers, Hades have male human form.

White robed reaper - in European, the grim reaper didn't wear black robe but instead, their robe is white since it represent the funeral and death. the grim reaper still carried the scythe and carries the dead to the realm of unknown.

White robed woman - In ancient times, Salvic people viewed death as a woman dressed in white robe with the power to put an individual into everlasting sleep, with the help of magical green sprout in her hand. however, in the middle ages, this manifestation of death changed and portrayed as a walking skeleton.

Lithuanians - is from Beltic beliefs, also familiar with the name Giltinė. it was viewed as an old, ugly woman with a long blue nose and a deadly poisonous tongue. The legend tells that Giltinė was young, pretty until she was trapped in a coffin for seven years. The goddess of death was a sister of the goddess of life and destiny Laima.

Pesta - In Norway cultures, Pesta is a manifestation of death in form of an old woman. Pesta means "plague hag". She wore a black hood. She would go into a town carrying either a rake or broom. If she brought the rake to the town, some people would survive the plague but if she brought the broom instead, everyone would die.

Although there are different accounts of the manifestation of death, the Grim Reaper has become a conceptual personification of death the world over. The presence of this nightmarish entity has captured the imagination of storytellers, writers and artists as well.

However, its a bit disappointed to see Grim Reaper had been used as a silly or funny character whom loads of people have made in the cartoons and impersonations. he doesn't seem as scary anymore and the real truth about the old Grim Reaper had been forgotten by most of the today generations.

If you want to seek the true legends of this fearsome creatures, you are welcomed to learn all about him through the stories and mythologies but always remember, don't ever wish to meet him for real because for now, you should already known what going to happens soon.

source :

''Face your ultimate enemy, the ones named as Fear.''
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