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 vampires and religion

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PostSubject: vampires and religion   Wed Aug 29, 2012 2:35 pm

will i have been preparing many topics to be posted very soon as i promised all of you, and i wanted to post them all at once because they are some how related to each other and each one completes the other concerning the rituals and the general info about vampires of which shall handle all your current questions and inquiries, and i dont want to post them one after another because it would only make you ask more question and i have then to answer the questions each individualy rather than post the general information that shall handle it all and become one big refference to you people and handle all your questioninig, just like in this case right here with this topic.. This is a question i have been asked so many times before and still being asked alot therefor i chose to answer it before posting the topics.
About Vampires and religion many of you wonder whether if they became a vampire would it affect their religion? or even change.. or would vampires be punished in hell or considered to be sinners?
Now one of the myths thats speaks about us vamps is that we are unable to enter the church, and that crossess and holy water do harm us. will this is only a myth and has nothing what so ever to do with the reality of vamps.
Being a vamp doesnt require you change your religion or becoming anything else than what you want, honestly being a vamp is a form of determenation and insisting of becoming what you really want and not a form of conformity and obedience, vamprisim is mostly about strong well and desire, because these two habbits are actually what have gotten you to become a vampire in the first place.
So being a vamp makes you even stick to your beliefes and act as you always wanted and desired and not change your religion.
As to going to hell, will thats a big question right there varries from a religion to another and depends on the cult or religion you follow.. how so? ill eplain, for example in some religion practising magic is forbidden and considered a sin in other it is not, and becoming a vamp acquires the practice of magical practices so its all about one's own religion.
Then now it makes you ask how about that they call us vamps "damned" ? An answer to this question would be this; it has two explanations to the word damned one is an earthly meaning and other is spirtually. The earthly meaning is that you are damned to roam this earth for eternity considering immortality a curse and so it was called your damnation.
The spirtual meaning has nothing to do with you human vampires it is strictly a matter to demonic vampires exclusivley.
So the conclusion here is that vamps and religion are not related in anyway it might be to whom chooses it as a way of beliefe and religion rather than a form of living, and it is religion related only to elders and demonic vamps also, other than that and to other vamps it has nothing to do with religion hope you all find this useful and it answers your questions.
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PostSubject: Re: vampires and religion   Thu Aug 30, 2012 3:58 am

thanks. it answers a lot. like the matter of going to hell or not depending on what religion, I'd known well before I decided to do this, that my religion forbids me from asking help from other than god itself for I will be called as traitor and condemned to hell for eternity without forgiveness. however, I personally think that god didn't permit any humans to become a vampire in first place. all things I read till now is that vampires always related to dark forces and demons. to deny their fate to aging and died like humans should is another thing but well, it's just my personal thought and honestly, I don't regret it and feels glad that I came to this website after long time searching to what I want.
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PostSubject: Re: vampires and religion   Thu Aug 30, 2012 5:28 am

whats happens if you dont have a religion ?
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Charm Moonchild


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PostSubject: Re: vampires and religion   Thu Aug 30, 2012 7:27 am

bulldillon wrote:
whats happens if you dont have a religion ?

Jake's article in layman's term means: It doesn't matter what your religion is or who you are or what you do or if you have any religion. Your choices in life and once you become a vampire will create the being that you will become. You are not a sheep herded to follow a master or a shepherd. You make your own path, you create your destiny and your role in this life. If you think that you will be damned in the next life or in this world because you become a vampire then you will do so in your own making. Remember we are all creators in this world, we can either make a heaven out hell or your very own hell out of heaven.

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PostSubject: Re: vampires and religion   Sun Sep 16, 2012 1:11 pm

Charm. That's very insightful (and very true). The world and everything in it is what you make of it.
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PostSubject: Re: vampires and religion   

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vampires and religion
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