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 The Werewolf Curse Of The Goddess Ishtar

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PostSubject: The Werewolf Curse Of The Goddess Ishtar   Mon Oct 29, 2012 6:12 am

The origin of the werewolf had been mentioned in the ''Epic of the Gilgamesh'', one of the oldest ancient text ever existed in the world. this epic is a collection of various oral tales which being put into one book for the entertainment and enjoyment for the kings of Uruk/Mesapotamia. One of the stories foretold about Gilgamesh (the great god- king and son of Lugalbanda), Ishtar (the goddess of war, sex, love and fertility) and a commoner (the shepherd).

It all started when the young shepherd whom meet the goddess Ishtar at the Shrine on the mountainside and had fallen in love with her. He tried to court Ishtar by presenting bountiful offerings but his efforts are useless, Ishtar was a cold-hearted and arrogant woman. she never want to accepted the young shepherd's love.

Ishtar simply encouraged the shepherd first to keep on giving the offerings for her but after a certain time passed, Ishtar grew bored with the shepherd's devotions and finally, cursed the shepherd by transforming him into a werewolf.

The poor shepherd whom had been turned into a werewolf attacked by his own hounds. according to legend, he had been either killed by the hounds or severely injured before running into the closest forest, and spent his cursed life there as a werewolf.

Ishtar might seems had been freed from the cruelty she made but eventually, she receives her 'karma' not long after that. The god-king Gilgamesh had heard about it and for this reason, he rejected Ishtar confession toward him. It seems Ishtar had fall in love with Gilgamesh and tried to win his love by many ways, but Gilgamesh being cold toward her upon knowing her true nature and couldn't forgave her for what she done for the past suitor.

source :
1. epic of Gilgamesh.
2. http://www.werewolves.com/gilgamesh/

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PostSubject: Re: The Werewolf Curse Of The Goddess Ishtar   Mon Oct 29, 2012 7:23 am

Interesting, I have heard the same going through the demi god fenris
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The Werewolf Curse Of The Goddess Ishtar
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